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Harry Styles Fan Fiction Author Calls After "the Vanilla Version of Fifty Shades of Grey"

Harry StylesImagine reading a story similar to Fifty Shades of Grey (but without the whole red room of pain bit) with a main character inspired by none other than Harry Styles. Anna Todd is the...

Required Reading: Our Favorite Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Books Out Right Now

Required ReadingEven if you're not in school anymore and you haven't had "required reading" in years, we're about to change that with our essential list of new reads that you've got to get...

Goodfellas Actor Frank Sivero Sues Fox for $250 Million Over Simpsons Character He Says Is Based on Him

Frankie Carbone, Simpsons, GoodfellasNow here's a number that's hard to fuggedabout. Character actor Frank Sivero, most recognizable from roles in The Godfather Part 2, Goodfellas and The Wedding Singer,...

This Is What Happens When You Secretly Feed McDonald's to a Bunch of Health Nuts—Watch Now!

McDonald's Resturant, Golden ArchesWhat happens when you tell people they're eating organic food when, in fact, they're actually eating from one of the biggest fast food chains in the world? You'd be...



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