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Minnesota Vikings Indefinitely Bench Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson The Minnesota Vikings have taken Adrian Peterson out of the game—for now. Around 2:00 a.m. ET Wednesday, the team placed him on the exempt/commissioner's permission list,...

Falling Skies Tragedy: Security Guard Killed on TNT Drama's Vancouver Set

Falling SkiesTragedy struck the set of Falling Skies. A security guard died Monday night while on the TNT drama's set in Vancouver after he was struck by an unattended truck that rolled down a...

Big Brother's Eviction Shocker! Who Didn't Make it to the Final Four?

Big BrotherThe Big Brother house is a little less bright tonight as Frankie Grande – Ariana Grande's brother – was eliminated just before reaching the final four. Frankie was...

Saturday Night Live's Nasim Pedrad Recalls Meeting Kim Kardashian, Reveals Unaired Impression of Aziz Ansari—Watch Now!

Nasim Pedrad Let's be honest: Nasim Pedrad did a really good impression of Kim Kardashian. And for five seasons, fans couldn't stop LOLing when the Saturday Night Live veteran channeled...



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